Monday, 3 November 2014

Talking to The National Archives

To The National Archives in the rain, to give a talk on The Shape of Time for their in-house Big Ideas series. It's where Sam Cottrell has recently started his AHRC studentship.

A very good and responsive audience, with interesting questions too. My thanks to Valerie Johnson, Head of Research, for being such a kind host and to Victoria Lain for looking after me there.

I tried to connect things like this metaphorical / topographic map of history by Martignoni...
Girolamo Andrea Martignoni. 1718. Imago Romani Imperii. Detail. From Europeana.
... to innovative digital practice such as that of Florian Kräutli, now embarking on the third year of his PhD...
Florian Kräutli. 2013. Double timeline of composition (top) and first performance (bottom) of works by Benjamin Britten. For the Britten-Pears Foundation.