Thursday, 21 April 2016

Dr Florian Kräutli

A quick note to celebrate the award yesterday of PhD to Florian, who has worked so intensively for three and a half years on his investigations of critical chronographics. No amendments, no changes to be made - an immediate pass.

Dr Kevin Walker, Prof Sue Walker, Dr Florian Kräutli, Prof Paolo Ciuccarelli, Prof Stephen Boyd Davis, Dr Michael Selway. Photo: Delfina Fantini van Ditmar

My thanks to...

  • Dr Kevin Walker, head of Information Experience Design, RCA and chair of the exam board
  • Professor Sue Walker, of Reading University, external examiner
  • Paolo Ciuccarelli, of Politecnico di Milano, external examiner
  • Dr Michael Selway and Dr Michael Stapleton of System Simulation Ltd, external supervisors
  • Prof Ashley Hall and Prof Miles Pennington for providing a scholarly ‘home’ for Florian in Innovation Design Engineering
  • ... and of course Florian himself for his deep engagement with a subject to which I am so committed! 
Florian’s PhD was funded by EPSRC grant EP/J502169/1 and System Simulation Ltd.