Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Paper at Electronic Visualisation and the Arts 2010 now online

The paper I wrote for EVA2010 [external link] with Emma Bevan and Aleksei Kudikov is now online on the BCS website [external link].

The presentation (to be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday 7 July) illustrates the range of ingenious graphical solutions, such as this...
Part of Stream of Time - Chart of Universal History from the German of Strass published by C Smith 1855 
... that have been used to represent time.

We focus on the issue of the Shape of Time, looking at the historic roots of the idea that time is a uniform container for events – Descartes, Newton etc, leading via Helvicus into the pioneering visualisations by Barbeu-Dubourg and Priestley discussed in other parts of this blog.

This leads into a discussion of the rationale for our own Historical Interactive Timeline.

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