Monday, 30 September 2013

Best of EVA book published

The paper I wrote with Emma Bevan and Aleksei Kudikov for EVA 2012 was chosen for a book of the best of EVA papers from four years of the conference:
Boyd Davis, S., Bevan, E. and Kudikov, A. Just In Time: defining historical chronographics. In: Jonathan Bowen, Suzanne Keene, Kia Ng (eds.) Electronic Visualisation in Arts and Culture. Springer. ISBN 978-1-4471-5405-1. 243-257.
I received my copy of the book today, and it looks good. Springer decided to use colour illustrations throughout which does make a big difference. The book is available here:
Click to go to Springer site
The EVA London Conference 1990–2012: Personal Reflections.
Part I – Imaging and Culture.
  • From Descriptions to Duplicates to Data.
  • Quantifying Culture: Four Types of Value in Visualisation.
  • Embodied Airborne Imagery: Low-Altitude Cinematic Urban Topography.
  • Back to Paper? An Alternative Approach to Conserving Digital Images into the 23rd Century.
Part II – New Art Practice.
  • Light Years: Jurassic Coast – An Immersive 3D Landscape Project.
  • Photography as a Tool of Alienation: Aura.
  • Fugue and Variations on some Themes in Art and Science.
Part III – Seeing Motion.
  • Motion Studies: The Art and Science of Bird Flight.
  • Game Catcher: Visualising and Preserving Ephemeral Movement for Research and Analysis.
  • mConduct: A Multi-Sensor Interface for the Capture and Analysis of Conducting Gesture.
  • Photocaligraphy: Writing Sign Language.
Part IV – Interaction and Interfaces.
  • Mobile Motion: Multimodal Device Augmentation for Musical Applications.
  • Legal Networks: Visualising the Violence of the Law.
  • Face, Portrait, Mask: Using a Parameterised System to Explore Synthetic Face Space.
  • Facebook as a Tool for Artistic Collaboration.
Part V – Visualising Heritage.
  • Just in Time: Defining Historical Chronographics.
  • Beckford’s Ride: The Reconstruction of Historic Landscape.
  • Reconfiguring Experimental Archaeology Using 3D Reconstruction.
Added 2 October 2013: the Contents, with authors, on the Springer site.

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